Certification is done through the International Society of Arboriculture.  There are six ISA certification credentials, each of which is earned by passing a different exam:  

Send Your Exam Application in Early!  
Registration for all exams must be received at the ISA International Office (Champaign, IL) at least 12 business days before the scheduled exam.

pre-approval of event CEUs

Download and complete the application.  Send the completed form with a copy of the agenda for the event by e-mail to

Find CEU Opportunities

Upcoming Workshops & Meetings in the Southern Chapter Region

The states in the Southern Chapter region offer a wide variety of opportunities to collect CEUs.

ONLINE CLASSES OFFERED BY the international society of arboriculture

Take a look at the catalog of online opportunities that ISA offers.

CEU events held outside of the chapter

The ISA Events Calendar is a great resource if you are looking for events outside of the Southern Chapter.