Membership Options




Chapter only membership is available.*
Southern Chapter membership is US $30 per year.
Add ISA professional membership for $135 per year.
Student membership is FREE for qualified students in the Southern Chapter region.  **

As a Southern Chapter member, you will receive:

  • Discounts to Chapter-sponsored workshops
  • Discount on registration fee to Chapter's Annual Conference
  • Quarterly Chapter Newsletter
  • Discounts on Chapter Publications
  • Chapter Voting Power
  • Professional Networking opportunities

*Chapter Only membership DOES NOT include discounts on certification exam/recertification fees, ISA publications, or ISA International workshops/conferences.

**Student Qualification:  Must be a registered, full-time student with no business income. If also, joining ISA, include copy of current or upcoming schedule with a minimum of six credit hours in courses of study related to arboriculture

How to become a member

  • Apply securely online with a credit card by clicking here
  • Apply by mail with a check, money order or credit card by printing off the ISA Membership Application. Just fill in your information on the top portion of the application, check off the Southern Chapter under ISA Chapter Memberships, fill in your Payment Information and mail to:  

PO Box 3129
Champaign, IL 61826