Classes and workshops are sorted by the states and territories covered in the Southern Chapter. NOTE: Not all events listed are sponsored or co-sponsored by ISA Southern Chapter and the Chapter is not responsible for those events.

Use the following abbreviations for the number of CEU's available at the events listed below:

  • Certified Arborist - CA

  • Utility Specialist - U

  • Municipal Specialist - M

  • Certified Tree Worker - TW

  • Board Certified Master Arborist

  • Science - Bs

  • Practice - Bp

  • Management - Bm

Download and complete the application.  Send the completed form with a copy of the agenda for the event by fax (336) 789-0202 or by e-mail to



February 26 & 27, 2019 - Alabama Vegetation Management Society will host the “AVMS Annual Conference,” at the Bryant Conference Center in Tuscaloosa, AL. Click here or contact Douglas Sheffield at (256) 239-4007 for more information. (Feb. 26 CA/U 4.5 hrs., Bm 2.0 hrs., TW/Bs 1.75 hrs., M 1.0 hrs., Bs .75 hrs.)(Feb. 27 CA/U 3.25 hrs., Bp 1.75 hrs., TW 1.0 hrs., M/Bsm .75 hrs.)

February 28, 2019 - The City of Madison Tree Board will present the “2019 City of Madison Arbor Day Workshop,” in Madison, AL. Madison will be hosting a tree planting with the City of Madison Mayor from 11:30AM to 3 PM at the brand new public library and then we will have a free seminar for the public with Clarissa Balbalian coming to talk about tree and plant diseases and what to look for and how to potentially treat the issues. Contact Thora Smith at (256) 690-9452 for more information. (CA/M 5.25 hrs., Bp 4.25 hrs., Bm 1.0 hrs.)

March 8, 2019 - The Florence Electricity Department will host a “Professional Pesticide & Utility ROW Re-certification Classes,” at the Lauderdale County Extension Office (802 Veterans Drive, Florence, AL). Contact Justin Jeffreys at (256) 740-6096 for more information. (CA/U 8.0 hrs., M 6.0 hrs., Bm 5.0 hrs., Bp 2.0 hrs., Bs 1.0 hrs.




February 14, 2019 - Trees Atlanta will host the “2019 Canopy Conversations,” at the Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center (225 Chester Ave. SE, Atlanta GA). Click here or contact Gabriella Logan at (770) 827-5987 for more information. (Jan 15, UPTO CA/M 8.0 hrs., Bs 4.0 hrs., Bpm 2.0 hrs., U/TW 1.0 hrs.)(Jan. 16, UPTO CA 9.0 hrs., M 8.0 hrs., Bm 5.0 hrs., Bs 3.0 hrs., Bp 1.0 hrs.)

February 15, 2019 - Trees Atlanta will host “Designing Forest Gardens:Assembling Functional Social Ecosystems,” 225 Chester Ave SE, Atlanta, GA. Click here or contact Gabriella Logan at (770) 827-8957 for more information. (CA/M 7.0 hrs., Bpm 2.5 hrs., Bs 2.0 hrs.)

February 16, 2019 - University of Georgia - Floyd County will present “ Hands-on Pruning: The When and How to Prune,” at Chieftains Museum (501 Riverside Pkwy NE, Rome, GA 30161) . Contact Keith Mickler at (706) 295-6210 for more information. (CA/TW 2.0 hrs., Bp 1.5 hrs., Bs .5 hrs.)

February 21, 2019 - The Woodbine Tree Board will present the “2019 Woodbine Tree Care Seminar,” at the Woodbine Community Center (205 Camden Ave., Woodbine, GA). Click here for the agenda. Contact Jerry Holcomb at (912) 271-0133 for more information. (UPTO CA/M 6.75 hrs., Bs 3.0 hrs., Bm 2.75 hrs., Bp 1.0 hrs.)

February 23, 2019 - Middle Georgia State University will present the “Waddell Barnes Botanical Garden 2019 Spring Symposium,” Click here or contact Michael Glisson at (478) 954-5063 fore more information. (CA/TW/Bp 1.0 hrs.)

February 26, 2019 - Training by Willie Chance will present “Pest Manager Training,” at Albany Technical College (1704 South Slappey Blvd., Albany, GA). Click here or contact Willie Chance at (478) 972-9981 for more information. (CA 4.0 hrs., M 3.0 hrs., Bs 2.0 hrs., Bpm 1.0 hrs.)

March 1, 2019 - University of Georgia / Bartow County Cooperative Extension will host a “Green Industry Update at Reinhardt University. Contact Paul Pugliese at (770) 387-5142 for more information. (CA/M 5.0 hrs., Bp 2.25 hrs., TW 2.0 hrs., Bm 1.5 hrs., Bs 1.25 hrs.)

March 4, 2019 - The University of Georgia Extension Gwinnett will host the “Gwinnett Green Industry Update,” at the Gwinnett Government Annex Building, Second Floor Conference Room (750 South Perry Street, Lawrenceville, GA. Contact Timothy Daly at (678) 377-4011 for more information. (CA 5.0 hrs., M/Bm 3.0 hrs., Bsp 1.0 hrs.)

March 19-20, 2019 - The Georgia Urban Forest Council will host an “Arborist Certification Review Class,” at the GFC headquarters, in Dry Branch, GA. Contact Mary Lynne Beckley at (470) 210-5900 fore more information. (March 19 UPTO CA 6.75 hrs., M 4.0 hrs., Bm 3.5 hrs., TW 2.25 hrs., Bs 2.0 hrs., Bp 1.25 hrs.)(March 20 UPTO CA 6.0 hrs., Bp 3.25 hrs., TW 2.75 hrs., M 2.5 hrs., Bs 2.25 hrs., Bm .5 hrs.)

April 30 - May 1, 2019 - The Georgia Vegetation Management Association Conference will be hosted at Savannah Marriott Riverfront in Savannah, GA. Click here or contact Ben McTier at (678) 858-5739 for more information. (April 30 CA/U 5.5 hrs., TW 3.5 hrs., Bm 3.0 hrs., Bp 1.75 hrs., Bs .75 hrs.)(May 1 CA/TW/U 3.0 hrs., Bp 2.0 hrs., Bm 1.0 hrs.)



North Carolina

February 20 & 21, 2019 - North Carolina Urban Forestry Council will present an “ISA Certification Review Workshop,” at the Wayne County Cooperative Extension Office (3114 Wayne Memorial Drive, Goldsboro, NC). Contact Leslie Moorman at (252) 653-6277 for more information. (February 20 CA 6.25 hrs., Bs 4.0 hrs., M 2.75 hrs., Bm 1.25 hrs., TW/Bp 1.0 hrs.)(February 21 CA 5.5 hrs., Bp 3.25 hrs., TW 2.25 hrs., M 2.0 hrs., Bs 1.25 hrs., Bm 1.0 hrs.)

February 21, 2019 - North Carolina Cooperative Extension will host “The Foothills Ornamental Production Workshop,” at the Burke County Ag Center (130 Ammons Drive, Morganton, NC). This workshop is designed to provide updated information on ornamental plants in landscapes in the Southeastern US, including tree care. Contact Amanda Taylor at (828) 475-2915 for more information. (CA/M 4.0 hrs., Bm 3.0 hrs., Bs 1.0 hrs.)

February 28, 2019 - The North Carolina Urban Forestry Council will host “Carolina Canopy Workshop:Taking the Lead in Tree Business,” at Campbell Lodge in Durant Nature Preserve (3237 Spottswood Street, Raleigh, NC). Contact Leslie Moorman at (252) 653-6277 for more information. (CA 3.0 hrs., Bm 1.75 hrs., Bp 1.25 hrs.)

March 7, 2019 - The North Carolina Cooperative Extension will host “Young Tree Pruning & Evaluation at Planting,” at Killian’s Hardware (3790 Springs Rd NE, Hickory, NC). Contact Anelle Ammons at (828) 465-8240 for more information. (CA/M 2.0 hrs., TW/Bsp 1.0 hrs.)

March 27-29, 2019 - The North Carolina Invasive Plant Council will host the “NC-IPC and SC-EPPC Annual Invasive Species Symposium,” at the Hilton Garden Inn, Gastonia, NC. Click here or contact Sean Bloom at (704) 737-7376 for more information. (March 27 UPTO CA 2.25 hrs., Bm 1.0 hrs., U/Bp .75 hrs., Bs .5 hrs.)(March 28 UPTO CA 3.0 hrs.,, M 2.5 hrs., Bm 2.0 hrs., Bp 1.0 hrs., U .5 hrs.)(March 29 UPTO CA 2.5 hrs., Bm 2.0 hrs., Bs .5 hrs.)

Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands


South Carolina


February 14, 2019 - Duke Energy will present “The National Wild Turkey Federation Energy for Wildlife Breakout Session,” at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center (2800 Opryland Dr. Nashville, TN). During the week long conference will have a breakout session on February 14th that will focus on training professionals that manage utility rights of way, state DOT managers, pipeline vegetation coordinators and other green space vendors on the importance of managing land to benefit wildlife, pollinators and the general public. The NWTF has invited speakers from across the Eastern United States to share their success stories and research finding to increase early seasonal habit. Contact Jason House at (850) 933-3905 for more information. (CA/U 5.0 hrs., Bm 3.0 hrs., Bp 2.0 hrs.)