Helpful Hints

Last In Wins Order Logic

When ordering an item with the same ship date, an At Show order overrides any p revious order.

Ship Date

MMDD (Example: 0915)

Review Order

In Review Order, you can edit an order before Save & Exit.


Use [TAB] / [SHIFT][TAB]to go between date and quantity fields.

Short Cut Keys

[B] Bonus Bucks

In quantity field, hit [B] to apply Bonus Bucks

[D] Duplicate Down

After typing in date or quantity, hit [D] to duplicate date or quantity down the page.

[F] Flat Cash

Click on quantity field for an item. Hit [F] to enter flat cash.

[N] Next Date

Single Store Orders: Type first date, tab over, type quantity and [ENTER] to save. Return cursor to Date, hit [N]. Previous transaction clears.. Type new date, tab over, type quantity, and [ENTER] to save. Repeat for Next dates.

Group (multi-store) orders: The [N] shortcut works. However, it is faster to enter date and quantity for all stores. Close item panel to save then reopen same item panel for next ship date.