Position Available - Executive Director

Closes February 26, 2019

The Southern Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (SISA) seeks an Executive Director (ED). The ED is a contract position requiring approximately 40 hours per week. The ED in partnership with the Board of Directors (BoD), including the Chapter President, provides strategic guidance, manages daily operations (including membership services and bookkeeping), and ensures effective BoD management. The ED provides visionary leadership for all aspects of the Chapter’s current and future activities in promoting arboriculture. The ED uses appropriate communications, management methods, and organizational guidelines to develop, enable, implement, and evaluate organizational operations and initiatives. The ED fosters relationships and communication with other ISA chapters and external stakeholders. The ED coordinates educational conferences and workshops to serve the needs of arborists in the SISA. The ED employs acceptable metrics to report activities and accomplishments to the BoD. The position requires approximately up to 4 to 6 days of travel per month.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1)      Provides support to the BoD

a)      This position answers to the president and the BoD.
b)      Attend all meetings of Chapter Board of Directors (regular and special meetings and serve as official recorder of said meetings.)
c)      Work with BoD to develop an annual plan of work.
d)      Make arrangements for BoD meetings, including location, and conference calls. Notify the BoD of upcoming meetings in a timely
e)      Proactively identify and provide the BoD members with training and support needed for completion of their duties as BoD
f)       Implement Chapter plans and policies as approved by the Board.
g)      Provide reports as requested by the President concerning progress and activities related to Chapter operations.
h)      Proactively work with the BoD and Committee Chairs to develop policies and procedures for finance, insurance, conferences and
workshops, membership, operations, and other Chapter functions.

2)      Manage development, promotion, facilities, registration and payments for events.

a)      Manage Chapter annual conference, including location selection, negotiating hotel and meeting location contracts, catering,
marketing, budgeting, and other logistics.
b)      Manage conference operations on site during the Chapter annual conference. Prepare a final summary report of the Chapter annual
conference for the BoD.
c)      Assist the Tree Climbing Championship (TCC) Chair as stipulated in the TCC policies, procedures and job descriptions.
d)      Coordinate Chapter volunteers at relevant non-Chapter tabling events.
e)      Develop and manage additional events provided throughout the year to Chapter members as described in an annual plan of work.
Communicate and collaborate with external partners, such as state urban forest councils and Cooperative Extension, on such events.
f)      Negotiate and administer all Chapter meeting facility contracts.
g)      Work with BoD to develop a sponsorship plan.
h)      Provides support to committees to develop annual work plans, policies, and procedures.

3)      Work with the BoD to maintain a corporate structure and governance practices aligned with best management practices of
non-profit organizations.

a)      Maintain an updated copy of all corporate records including minutes, bylaws and other documents required by local, state and
federal authorities.
b)      Contract with and supervise legal professionals when required by Chapter business.
c)      Track and report Chapter expenses and revenues categorized and itemized according to budget line items to the BoD at Board
d)      Assist the BoD to develop and monitor the annual Chapter budget by providing financial reports as needed.
e)      Provide financial oversight to maintain the Chapter's financial health, coordinate tax reporting, supervise accounting transactions,
and maintain insurance.
f)       Assist with Chapter fundraising activities

4)      Manage and supervise the day-to-day operations of the Chapter in accordance with Chapter policies and procedures.

a)      Handle all routine business of the Chapter including communication from members, ISA reports, acting as certification liaison and
approve exam proctors.
b)      Update Chapter website as needed.
c)      Work with chapter editor to maintain an online user database and publish chapter newsletter.
d)      Maintain a message center to include telephone, voice mail, internet, and e-mail.
e)      Administer Chapter nominations committee elections as required by relevant election policies and procedures.
f)       Maintain and provide Chapter membership records and lists as needed.
g)      Support all Committees including arranging meeting locations and/or assisting with conference calls as needed.
h)      Work with BoD to increase membership.
i)       Respond to inquiries from the public, the media, and prospective members.
j)       Proactively develop new and maintain existing relationships with other associations, agencies, vendors, and organizations within the
green industry.
k)      Serve as representative and spokesperson to enhance the credibility of the organization.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree required plus a minimum of 5 years of related experience in the green industry and/or association management. Applicants should have strong organizational, financial, computer, and communications skills.  Previous experience as an association executive or non-profit-organization staff member is preferred.  Currently, the Executive Director position requires a commitment of approximately 40 hours per week as well as the ability to travel to Chapter and other events.


The salary range for this position is between $50,000 and $75,000 per year based on qualifications.

Instruction for Applying

All applicants must send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of non-profit professional association leadership and vision, and the complete contact information for at least three references.

Applications must be submitted no later than February 26, 2019 to Arnold (Beau) Brodbeck at brodbam@auburn.edu


Questions may be directed to: Arnold (Beau) Brodbeck: 251.259.6507: brodbam@auburn.edu or David Vandergriff: 865.705.4983: dgriff@tennessee.edu

About Southern Chapter ISA

Southern Chapter (www.isasouthern.org) of the International Society of Arboriculture consists of eight states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands and currently has a membership of over 1,640. The mission of the SISA is advancing tree care knowledge and practices through research, education and professional development. The first Southern Chapter meeting occurred in 1937, known as the Southern Shade Tree Conference. Membership in the ISA Southern Chapter is open to individuals whose principal duties are concerned with the planting, care, and preservation of trees in industries ranging from municipal, utility, commercial and government and nonprofit organization.  The Southern Chapter holds an annual 3-day conference each spring, periodic professional workshops, coordinates arborist certification exams, provides a membership newsletter, and offers memorial scholarships to students pursuing a higher education in fields related to professional tree care and maintenance.