Commercial/Municipal Presentations

(as of November 10, 2017)

2017 Revision of ANSI A300 Pruning Standards

Dr. Tom Smiley, Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories
Geoff Kempter, Asplundh Tree Expert Co.

The latest revision to ANSI A300, Part 1, Pruning, brings the most significant changes since the standard was first published in 1995.  This presentation details how the standard has been improved to reflect the flow of the work in the field, and to assist in writing better specifications. Explanations of new sections, including "Pruning Systems" and "Pruning Specifications" will be provided.  The presentation also covers why certain sections were eliminated, including “Pruning methods (types),” and how the “Utility pruning” section was integrated into the rest of Part 1. The presentation compares language from both the old and new versions, and will be useful to anyone who prunes, or specifies pruning of, trees and shrubs.


Choosing Native vs. Non-native Species in City Environments:  Why It Matters.

Dr. Nancy Loewenstein, Auburn University


Commercial Arborist Safety When Working in Proximity to Powerlines.

K. Michael Kelley, Alabam Rural Electric Association


Managing Challenging Customer Conversations

Fred Kapp, Alabama Urban Forestry Association


Native Birds of Prey.

Krissy Hamilton, Freedom Ranch


Tree Disease and Diagnosis

Clarissa Balbalain, Mississippi State University


Tree Relationships:  Understanding the Structure and Function of Large, Woody Plant Parts.

Donna H. Beliech, Mississippi State University


Urban FIA:  What's In It For Cities and Arborists?

Dudley Hartel, Urban Forestry South-USDA Forest Service