Skills Arena

TUESDAY, April 9, 8:30-10:00 am

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If you would like to sign up other people for your team, please do so here. There is a maximum of 4 persons per team.

Chain Safety & Cutting Techniques

Various stations will test the cutter’s ability to use a chainsaw in a variety of situations and cuts.  Utilizing the push and pull reactivate forces, participants will slice and dice from stationary bolts of wood for accuracy and time.  A pole saw will test pruning and removal cuts at height as well.  Proper PPA as well as solid foundational cutting techniques will be required and score deductions or disqualification may result if proper saw protocol is not followed.

Technical Tree Climbing

Explore different MRS and SRS systems in a simple yet challenging event.  When the clock starts each participant one at a time and in order, will ascend a short distance on a pre set system either MRS or SRS.  Then a transfer to another pre set system system and descend to tag a waiting team member.  The transfer may include a limb-walk, swing or other simulated climbing move.  Time is accumulated and added to with any unsafe or uncontrolled movements.

Arborist Technical Rigging

Move a log through all three dimensions with the varying application of mechanical advantage and friction management all at the same time.  Four team members will manipulate various lowering devices and mechanical advantage systems systematically to pick up and float the log to various targets within a specified time limit.  More targets hit with control and precision means more points.