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Award of Merit
Highest Honor given by the Southern Chapter. Recognizes an individual for outstanding, meritorious service in advancing the principles, ideals, and practices of arboriculture in the Southern Chapter
Award of Achievement
Granted to a Southern Chapter member in recognition of sustained efforts or contributions to the advancement of Southern Chapter ISA.

2002 Carl Absher
2003 Tom Smiley
2004 Hugh A. Tyer
2005 N/A
2006 William F Schultz
2007 Chuck Weber
2008 Brian Maxson
2009 Steve Ketner
2010 Henry Wallace
2011 Rae Ann Ham
2012 Ron Jackson
2013 Odis Sisk
2014 Dwayne M. Carter
2015 Tom Wolf
2016 Karl Pakorny


2002 John G. Martin (posthumously)
2003 Kay Fermann
2004 Dan Cox
2005 N/A
2006 Steve Ketner
2007 Connie Head
2009 Susan Harbourt
2013 Billy Kelly
2014 Lois Edwards
2015 Beau Brodbeck
2016 Chuck Holtzclaw

Honorary Life Membership
Granted to an individual for their longstanding support and assistance to the Southern Chapter

Award for Excellence in Arboriculture Education
Granted to an individual or organization that has been instrumental in providing unique programs of technical arboriculture education to practicing arborists, students or the public within the Southern Chapter.

  2002 Cleve Formwalt
2003 N/A
2004 N/A
2005 N/A
2006 Terrel Buckelew
2007 James Shephard & Richard Keggereis
2008 Hugh Tyer
2011 Derek Vannice
2015 Herschel Hale
2016 Dr. Kim Coder
    2003 Jim McGraw
2004 N/A
2005 Allen Owings, Dr. Hallie Dozier, Anthony Witcher
2006 Lois Edwards, Connie Head
2008 Phil Ray, Matt Lynch
2009 Wes Hopper
2013 Lois Edwards
2015 Jimmy Walters
President's Award
Recipient is chosen by current Chapter President
John G. Martin Award
Granted to an individual within the Southern Chapter who exemplifies the backbone and soul of our profession.

2002 Dorothy Rowe
2003 Dwayne M. Carter
2004 Sarah Mitchell
2005 Jim Grindler
2006 Melissa Hardy
2007 Pete Rausch
2008 Sam Adams
2009 Alex Smalling
2009 Stephanie Venable
2010 Liz Gilland
2011 Jerry Holcomb
2012 Connie Head
2012 Beau Brodback
2013 Bruce Webster
2013 Patrick Haller
2014 Dena Jacobs
2015 Jessica Carroll & Jack Rowe
2016 David Vandergriff

    2003 Ted Harbourt
2004 Pete Jordan
2005 Wesley K. Hopper
2006 N/A
2007 Joe Cadieu
2008 Ron Danise
2009 Chuck Holtzclaw
2010 Willie Schultz
2012 Patrick George
2013 Terrel Buckelew
2016 Billy Kelly
Award for Excellence in Arboriculture

Award of Arboricultural Research
Granted to an individual or organization within the Southern Chapter to recognize research that has contributed information valuable to arboriculture.

  2002 Rebecca Anthony
2003 N/A
2004 Scott P. Prophett
2005 N/A
2008 Park Brown
2009 Rae Ann Ham
2012 Dudley Hartel
2013 Dr. Mark Follis
    2005 Dr. Hallie Dozier, LSU Agricultural Center
2006 N/A
2008 Dr. Ed Gilman
2009 Bartlett Tree Research Lab


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